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  • 4 smartest things ASC owners do today: Preparing for sale

    • Becker's ASC Review

      When physicians decide to open an ASC, business success is top of mind. Conducting present business in a way that maximizes future business, however, is a priority that can escape those who are not extremely planful. Here are four of the smartest things ASC owners can do today to maximize future gains from the sale or transfer of various parts of their business.
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  • ASCs Inc. markets your surgery center to the right buyers

    • Most surgery center owners want the highest price for their surgery center and a corporate partner that will grow the business and its profits. Whether you are selling a minority or majority interest, you want to sell to a partner with a track record of success that places a high value on your surgery center.

      With over 30 surgery center companies interested in investing in surgery centers, selecting the right buyers makes all the difference between an average price and a premium price. By selecting the right prospective buyer, sellers will realize a higher selling price and a partner that increases profits and distributions. ASCs Inc. advises and assists surgery center owners so that their center is professionally marketed to leading surgery center companies that are looking for specific types of centers. ASCs Inc. helps surgery center owners maximize the selling price by recognizing and valuing all of the profits and assets of a center, creating a competitive environment, and marketing the surgery center to the buyers that want to invest in your type of center.

  • Should you sell to a local hospital?

    • It often makes sense to consider selling your surgery center to the local hospital, or a 3-way deal with a hospital and a surgery center management company. Recently we have been helping clients form 3-way partnerships with ASC management companies and hospitals so their centers can realize significant increases in facility fees by accessing hospital contracts. To get the highest value, it is advisable to initially obtain purchase proposals from several leading surgery center companies so you will know the true market value of your surgery center. In a 3-way deal, the ASC management company usually agrees to buy 51% and then brings in a hospital partner that it shares ownership with so the physicians continue to own 49% and have the "best of both worlds". The management company provides ASC management services to increase profitability while the hospital provides access to its contracts that are typically 20% to 40% higher than the ASC's, and the 3-way deal results in higher revenue and profits from the current caseload.

      ASCs Inc. negotiates with the ASC management companies and with the hospital on your behalf and will seek competitive bids so that you will benefit from the highest possible price and best terms.

  • How much does it cost to have ASCs Inc. assist in selling your surgery center?

    • ASCs Inc. earns a small transaction fee, as specified in our Engagement Letter, when a transaction closes. There is no retainer and no other fees or expenses paid to ASCs Inc. If there is no closed deal, there is no transaction fee. Our goal is to increase your selling price so that our transaction fee is negligible compared to the increase in your selling price.

  • Selling ASC Real Estate: 5 Things to Know for Flawless Transactions

    • Becker's Hospital Review

      Ambulatory surgery center physicians often own the ASC's business and real estate. "Over the last year the stars have aligned so that owners of ASC/medical office building real estate can now sell at a very attractive price, get cash for their real estate, lease back the ASC at market rate rent and realize significant tax advantages," says Jonathan Vick, founder and president of ASCs Inc.

      Mr. Vick explains why the current climate is favorable for real estate sale and the steps physician-owners can take to complete a smooth transaction.
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  • What ASC Physician-Owners Need to Know About ASC Real Estate Sales & Leasebacks

    • Becker's Hospital Review

      Oftentimes ambulatory surgery center physicians own not only their center, but its real estate as well. Jonathan Vick, founder and president of ASCs Inc., answers questions on successfully selling ASC real estate and obtaining favorable leases for the buildings.

      Question: When does it make sense for ASC physicians to consider a lease back transaction for their center?
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  • What Do ASC Buyers Look for in Potential Acquisitions?

    • Becker's Hospital Review

      Jon Vick of ASCs Inc. gives a detailed picture of the ambulatory surgery center buyer's market, what qualities buyers look for in potential ASC acquisitions and how ASC leaders can position their centers to attract the right buyers.

      Question: Who are the primary buyers in the current ASC market?
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